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Designed for you to WIN starting with the very first session. Inclusive of a fulfilling workout, undivided attention, motivational coaching, fitness education, and personalized instruction. Show up READY!

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Nutrition Planning

You can't outwork a bad diet! The saying is true, we are what we eat. Nutrition makes up about 70% of our body composition & should be about 70-80% of your fitness related goals. Here is where we would come up with a macro based food plan, tailored to your goals. 


Semi Private Training

Semi-Private sessions include up to 4 clients at a time. Each working within their own personalized workout and feeding from the collective energy of the group. Managed by the trainer who motivates you while catering to your specific level of fitness and goals. Each session is designed for your individual success. Inclusive of fitness education, motivation, accountability, and a high energy workout that will leave you feeling accomplished! 


Self-Guided Personalized Workout Regimen

Here’s where your goals, nutrition, strengths, and weaknesses are discussed along with the equipment you currently have access to such as dumbbells, mat, etc OR a gym membership. This information will then be used to build a personalized, self-guided, 4-week workout program & meal plan.

Private 1 on 1 Training

Modern City

Corporate Training

This is for the companies!

This service is designed to work with company employees as a part of the organization's wellness program. Through

 use of exercise we will boost productivity in the workplace, limit absenteeism, and reduce healthcare costs for your company. Contact me to get started.

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Virtual Training

LIVE virtual fitness sessions streamed through ZOOM. Come ready to burn, sweat, and build a sculpted body. A mat, dumbbells, and water are advised.

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